Healthcare Consulting and Qualifications Consortium


Intelligensis Limited was formed by a team of people who share a common expertise in Relationship Development and maintenance. Driven by a common passion for excellence, we make a positive, measurable difference to our clients and their customers and staff.

In tough times customer and client service becomes the key to success, regardless of the organisation.

We are specialists in capturing real time data from your clients, customers and staff –  and turning it into practical solutions, enabling you to generate better results from your existing clients & customers, and new revenue from new sources.

Asking people what they think is a bold move, but pointless if their feedback is not put to good use. That’s where Intelligensis comes in!

Intelligensis provides feedback systems and linked processes tailored to harness data from all kinds of clients, customers and staff. The data is configured into reports for use at local and national levels as a driver of Rapid Evolutionary Change, resulting in increased client, customer and/or staff satisfaction leading to enhanced sales and greater profits.

Contact Intelligensis Ltd. directly at:  (please mention HCQC) or talk to HCQC direct using the details at the bottom of the page.